10 Things Every Shopaholic Can Relate To!

We all have that one thing that we are addicted to and addiction can sometimes take over. But I’m sure you will agree that being a ‘shopaholic’ is the best form of addiction and there is nothing melancholic about it. That's why, to celebrate this awesome and extravagant form of addiction, here are 10 things every shopaholic can relate to:

1. Mails and Notifications from stores are of top priority.

You might be in the middle of a work meeting or in a very heated argument with your boyfriend, but that will never keep you from checking a notification or a mail which includes the words ‘sale’, ‘discount’ or ‘offers’. Setting your priorities straight!

2. Your vision is your superpower.

No matter how small the font is, your eyes are trained to figure out whether the word written above the massive 70% is ‘flat’ or ‘up to’. Same goes for the asterisk at the bottom which mentions the terms and conditions but in your mind, you are laughing at them because you know that no one can ever put any terms or conditions on the way you shop.

3. Shopping Soulmate.

You have that one friend who is literally one call away when you need a partner to shop with. Your shopping soulmate might not buy anything but she will be there by your side for moral support proving over and over again that ‘ A friend in need is a friend indeed.’

4. Your feet forget what ‘pain’ is.

A round to the local grocery store which is literally 27 seconds away from your house seems like an impossible task to do. You whine about it and have a grumpy face for 27 whole seconds but when it comes to shopping, you can walk in and out of almost every store on almost every floor with a sparkle in your eyes and a huge smile on your face.

5. Trial rooms are your happy place.

Trail rooms are a slap on the face of every person who says that your needs and desires are never ending. 4 walls and a mirror is all you need and despite of having so little, the happiness on your face and the way you look at yourself in the mirror while trying out your favorite outfits is nothing but priceless.

6. Never say Never.

The day you say NO to shopping, everything will fall apart and your world will never be the same. Now you could quit shopping, but every time that thought crosses your mind, you think of your mom and remind yourself that mama didn’t raise a quitter. And anyways, credit cards exist for a reason, right?

7. Colors can be confusing.

You take utmost pride in the fact that you can pull off any color and this pride is what keeps you from choosing between colors. You immediately apply your ‘Never say Never’ rule and pick up three shirts with the same print, but different colors. Though this might hurt your wallet, it will never hurt to have three colors of the same shirt.

8. Being poor is a myth.

Anyone who says that money can’t buy happiness doesn’t shop the way you do. A little cash from your mom, debit cards, credits cards, discount coupons and loyalty points are always there by your side to make sure that your heart gets what it wants. However, if nothing works out, your shopping soulmate is always ready to lend you some cash. Such a blessing!

9. Date with the mirror.

You make sure that you try all your outfits and shoes multiple times before you head to the cash counter but you moment you get home, you feel the need to try everything again and adore yourself a lil’ more. While your mom might think that you’ve lost your mind, it is just your way of rewarding yourself after a looong day of shopping.

10. Damn! I have nothing to wear.

On Sunday, you bought 4 dresses, 2 pairs of jeans, 7 tops and 3 pairs of shoes, but open your wardrobe next Sunday and you will have nothing to wear. How screwed up is that right? It’s like your wardrobe is a giant black hole where all your clothes disappear and that’s what calls for the need to go shopping next weekend.