2017 Resolution Checklist

We all make New Year resolutions every year and fail to follow it every year too!This year let’s make resolutions that are easy and not something we do for the sake of keeping resolutions

Here are a 10 resolutions that you can take up this year


Plan and take a trip. It’s not always easy to travel but even if it’s for 2 days do it. It helps you discover yourself and also experience life.

2.Spend more time with family

Nothing beats being with your loved ones. Take some time off your schedule to spend few moments with your family. Remember family first,always!

3.Save money

Spend your money rationally. Do not waste on things that you don’t absolutely require. Go thrift shopping, it helps you save up on the cash!


Being fit is important. Join a gym or if you don’t have enough time try taking a walk.

5.Declutter life

Everyone has things in their life and closet that need to be removed. This new year make it a point to declutter your wardrobe from all the unnecessary clothes. You can sell them on elanic and earn!

6.Try a new cuisine

Bored of eating the same old food?Go try something new, you never know that new dish might turn into your favorite dish!

7.Keep a journal

Note down the little things think are important. Keep a journal. It helps you keep a track of your plans and also what’s on your mind

8.Take pictures

Take pictures of yourself, of the places you travel, people you love, of everything you think is important. People, places and memories count

9.Do your bit for the environment

Reduce the carbon footprint by reusing old materials and thrift shopping. On Elanic we sell preloved goods.

10.Learn something new

A new year always calls for something new be it trying your hand on cooking classes, painting classes, learning a new language or an instrument. As long as it’s something new, do it! Life’s too small and there is too much to learn and experience