Republic Day Nostalgia

It’s Republic Day! We all know what happens this day. Everyone has different plans but then remember the time back we were kids? We all looked forward to it. Here’s a small throwback to our childhood memories of Republic Day

Tick-tock wake up!

Time when our mom woke us up early for a warm bath and dress us for the big day.

Goodie shoes

White uniform, ties, black polished shoes and pinned flag on the left shirt pocket. Dress up all smart and tidy!

Drive to school with parents

This is one of those days where our parents had off from their offices and drove us down to school to see us participate in the Republic Day function

March past

School bands, march pasts, dance performances, group singing! Remember the long practice sessions to make sure your house team won the best house? Yes we’ve all done that!

Flag hoist

Stand with our heart full as we saw our Principal hoist the flag while we saluted our tricolor and sang our National Anthem with pride.

The excitement of standing in line as they distributed chocolates and little sweets packs to all of us

Watch DD TV

What’s a Republic day without sitting at home with your parents and watching the Republic day parade and listen to our President giving speech to the nation? See the different states put up their culture and the forces and technology that protects us

Watch patriotic movies

Border-LOC- Bhagat Singh-Rang De Basanti-Chak de. Be it Set Max, Sony or Zee; every channel had these playing to make us feel patriotic back then!