Things you go through if you are single on V day

V day week is here and and everyone around you is in love. Here are few tips to avoid getting choked up in this pollution.

1.Try avoiding crowded place because LOVE is in the air.

2.Sit facing the wall in restaurants to spare yourself PDA around. Do not look out of the window unless you want to get hit by PDA.

3.Get a dog or if you can’t handle that, then befriend the mosquito . At least it will whisper sweet nothings in your ears.

4.Get yourself drunk till you pass out. Drunk dial the guy whose snapchat is filled with snaps with his girlfriend.It could have been you if you weren't so choosy.

5.Swipe right on tinder to everyone. Today is the day you get to experiment.

6.Go on a shopping marathon, cuz no one else is gonna get you a gift. We know you are broke so yes Elanic is the solution.

7.Stare down hard and make weird faces every time a couple starts being mushy around you till they creep out.

8.If these don’t work, go back home watch “The Notebook” and cry yourself to sleep.