What happens when you use Elanic v/s No Elanic

1. Wear the same old clothes to parties v/s Multiple options

We all hate those moments when people remember you wearing the same outfit to different places. When you have Elanic you have different outfits to wear at parties as you can buy clothes at a cheaper price.

2. No space in cupboard v/s Space in your cupboard

That annoying feeling when you have no more space for that new top you bought, thanks to the pile of unwanted clothes taking up all the space. With Elanic you have the option to get rid of all the clothes you never wore.

3. Always broke cuz you spent it all on shopping v/s Sell the old stuff and earn

Spending a bomb on things you thought were cool, to hardly wearing them once, when was the last time you saved money through shopping? On Elanic you can not only get rid of all the unwanted clothes but also earn by selling them!

4. Cash = Clothes v/s Clothes = Cash

Shopping is fun until you spend everything on that one expensive piece which you can never wear. On Elanic your unwanted clothes convert themselves into cash, making you rich again!