Things you can sell from your wardrobe

Clothes that don’t fit anymore

We all have a pair of jeans we loved and wore it to everywhere, but then times change so does our size. Why leave it behind? Sell it to someone.

Home decor

All those gifts you got at your birthday and anniversary parties which you never used, why not give them a new home?
Dress that you’ve worn to all the parties

Date nights, summer brunches and picnics, this pretty dress been your friend since forever. Time to let her make new friends.
Top that’s not your favorite anymore

Remember that favorite top? Well not so favorite now maybe? Makeover time calls for selling this one and getting some new styles.
Books sharing knowledge and experience

Reading them made you escape into your imagination. Let it weave its magic once more for someone else too.
Your wedding outfit

This gorgeous lehenga or sherwani you wore to your cousin’s wedding is not something you are wearing everyday now, are you? Sell it off so that you can buy another for the next wedding!
Heels you don’t dig now

Got too excited for those pair of heels online and ordered them in an instant? Give it up on Elanic and go get a new pair.
Fancy statement jewellery

That fancy piece of jewellery you wore once maybe a 1000 years back now sits in your cupboard calling your name. Time to let someone make a statement with it.
Winter wear you stocked upon

Sweater weather is over and the sun’s calling you out for a ride. Make space for your cute summer outfits by letting these go.

Grooming kits

We change our preferences once in a while be it our taste on food, clothes or perfumes. Bought that new cologne, used few times but not a fan of it anymore? Sell it off and get the new cologne you have been eyeing on.
Unnecessary Accessory

Got yourself a new watch or pair of sunglasses? What about the old ones? Sell them off instead of letting them take space off your drawers.
Gym stuff

Been working out lately? Sell those things you stopped using after two workout sessions.
Mobile extras

All those phone covers and headphones lying around. Sell them off!
Small appliances

Pendrives, Hair dryer, straightener of no use anymore ? Sell it here.
Toying no more

All those clothes your baby outgrew and the toys they now ignore. Let them find love again. Sell them in Elanic.