17 times Gauahar Khan showed she was just like any of us.

We love our celebs. Especially so when they are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

Gauahar Khan’s Facebook page is an endearing, enlightening peek into her life and shows us that she is, after all, like one of us.

Here are some totally relatable moments we just had to share with you.

1.When she showed us that being an actor is hard work too.

“Now I know what a sleepyhead looks like… All work no play… No complaints.” alt

2.When she showered her sister with love.

“There's no words to describe what we share... And what we have grown to be for each other... I love you soooo much.” alt

3.When she was just being herself.

“There is something about simplicity.” alt

4.When she fell in love with her childhood self.

“Can I pull my own cheeks?” alt

5.When she gave us more reasons to travel.

“Travel is the only thing you pay for that makes you richer.” alt

6.When she made self-worth look even more beautiful.

“You are worth the world… and the stars and the moon.” alt

7.When she credited her mom with raising her to be the lady that she is.

“My mom got me this top. She gave me my freedom of choice. Also corrected me when I went overboard… My mom’s made me all that I am.” alt

8.When she showed us how confidence is sexy.

“When you're sure of what you are, you don't shy away from taking selfies even with oil in your hair.” alt

9.When she showed us she was like any other hardworking girl.

‘Off to Chandigarh… Gotta do my script on this flight… Nervous.” alt

10.When she showed us that all we really want is peace and love.

“When you realise how valuable and beautiful life is. As the holy month of Ramadan comes to an end , I pray that we are blessed with it each year ... I pray for love and peace for mankind.”


11.When she enjoyed her own company.

“Some moments are just yours! To absorb all the good, and be grateful. This was one such moment for me.” alt

12.When she summed up fashion in the best way possible.

“Doesn't matter what you wear, how expensive or local. It's you who makes the outfit and not the outfit that makes you.” alt

13.When she gave us life wisdom.

“CONSISTENCY. A very important quality. Major key to achieving the goals you set out for yourself.” alt

14.When she gave us more life wisdom.

“Do your bit. Make an effort… and do it with absolutely no expectations.” alt

15.When she made it stylish to follow rules.

“Safety first guys. I request everyone to always remember to wear seat belts and make your loved ones do the same.” alt

16.When she displayed her goofy side.

“Goof gal. Chashma love forever!” alt

16.When she displayed her thrifty Indian side!

“Bought this saree from Jharkhand, at a local market... 650 rupees.... Love it!” alt