How to remove fussy lip stains from clothes

For all times your lipstick got smudged on your clothes here is a quick hassle free trick to take them off.

1.To remove a lip stain you need two things:

Paper roll and Hairspray alt

2.Place the stained cloth on the table alt

3.Take a stained cloth and place a piece of tissue underneath the stained part. alt

4.Take the hairspray and spray hard on the stained part. alt

5.Once done spraying, dab the stained part with tissue to take off the extra liquid. alt

6. Once dabbed, leave the cloth for 10 mins to dray alt

7. After 10 mins, wash thoroughly in cold water alt

8.Let it dry and TAADAAA! As clean as a new shirt! alt

Works on almost all material except on silk