Elanic Seller Stories - Jannat Sorathia!

Jannat Sorathia

Actor, model, writer, Mumbaikar.

How has your selling experience on Elanic been?

It’s been great! Elanic takes care of everything. Their customer care is supportive and friendly. I have many regular buyers now.

What made you declutter?

I have a lot of clothes and I don’t like repeating them. I love the concept of selling pre-loveds. I made a sale within seconds of uploading my things! The buyer thanked me with so much love and this made me love Elanic even more.

What awesome things have you done with money made on Elanic

I bought almost half of VJ Anusha’s closet. My best shopping spree ever! Elanic is the best for both buying and selling.

What tips do you have for success in selling on Elanic?

Upload clear, visually appealing pics. Include a picture of you wearing the outfit, too.

Closet Name: jannatsorathia