Elanic Seller Stories -Shweta has made over 42K on Elanic!

Shweta Dubey

Software Engineer and Stylista

How has your selling experience on Elanic been?

It has been awesome, with hassle-free scheduling and pickup. I got rid of 50% of my unused clothing in a totally painless manner. I made money for more shopping!

What made you declutter?

My closet was horribly cluttered!
Decluttering it changed my life – I made space, I made money and I feel great wearing only what you love.

What awesome things have you done with money made on Elanic?

I’ve made more than 42K on Elanic! With it, I went for a Goa trip with my friends, and also bought a lot of new clothes and shoes!

What tips do you have for success in selling on Elanic?

Let these questions guide you in deciding whether to sell something:

  • Do you still wear it?
  • Does it feel good?
  • Is it in great condition?
  • Is it in style?

Once you have the answers, you'll know when to let go of something.

Closet Name: shwet08