Elanic Seller Stories -Sharmila has made over 55K on Elanic!

Elanic Seller Stories - Sharmila has made over 55K on Elanic!

Sharmila is a fashion and lifestyle blogger originally from the Philippines. She loves to shop, travel and write. Her blog features food recipes, Bollywood movie reviews, travel photography, beauty product giveaways and everything in between!

Here is an excerpt from her interview with Elanic:

How was your selling experience on Elanic?
My selling experience on Elanic has been awesome! It has been a wonderful journey so far. The best thing about the app is that it is people-friendly.

What made you declutter? And what made you choose Elanic?

I love to shop when I travel, so I end up buying a lot of stuff. This leaves me with too many things. Then one day I found the Elanic app on Facebook, and the rest is history!

What awesome things have you done with the money you made on Elanic?

I’ve used the money that I’ve earned from the Elanic app wisely. I bought a few things for my loved ones, gave away some to charity, and also managed to save some money for myself.

What tips have brought you success in selling on Elanic?

Post good quality pictures.
Product should be priced reasonably.
Put the closet on sale once in a while. (This is a nice feature on the app!)
Respond to bargain requests on chat (Android app only)
Sell authentic products

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