11 ways to earn Box-Office money for your Team

The Selleb Wars (from 6PM, 20th May to 11:59PM, 28th May) all about playing for your team’s glory! Here are 11 ways to earn money for your team during this battle:

Action! Earnings
Create a listing in the category of the day Rs. 30,000
Create a listing Rs.15,000
Sell something Rs (200 x Selling Price)
Make a pre-paid purchase Rs (200 x Buying Price)
Follow a closet (upto 100 a day) Rs 1000
Like something Rs.500
Place a pre-paid order Rs 20,000

What's 'Category of the Day'?

This 9-day fest has a listing theme for every day. Listing inside that particular category will bring you more money.

Bonus points for all debutants!

Action! Earnings
If you're a seller and you buy something for the first time Rs 50,000
If you're a buyer and you list something for the first time Rs 50,000
If you’re a first-time buyer who has not sold anything Rs 50,000
If you’re a first-time seller who has not bought anything Rs 50,000

Listings that get rejected will invite a Rs 30,000 box office penalty!

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