10 lesser known facts about Shahrukh Khan!

We’ve been watching SRK movies for about 25 years now, and he still reigns as The King of Bollywood! Here are 10 facts about the star that every fan would enjoy:

1. His career goals before he became a movie star alt He would’ve slayed in that army uniform!

2. He was a sportsperson! alt Then he went on to buy an entire cricket team! #goals

3. This unusual fear. alt Talk about pet peeves!

4. His love for his house. alt Mannat is stunning!

5. The struggle was real for Shahrukh. alt He’s come a long way since then.

6. His sheer hard work and staggering success: alt No wonder he’s called King Khan!

7. His popularity in the initial days of his film career: alt Look at that dimple!

8. SRK is not his original name! alt Makes you wonder!

9. His initial reluctance to join the industry alt And this led to him trying out other career paths, such as...

10. His interest in hospitality alt

11. And film-making... alt He’s so talented!

12. But he became an actor after all! Lastly, here’s a random fact about SRK to end this post: alt Shine on, you crazy diamond.

alt Hai sach toh yeh doston, he’s the best!