12 Facts About Salman Khan That Every Fan Should Know

Salman Khan is a force to be reckoned with in Bollywood. Despite his controversies his success remains unparalleled, and his huge fan following remains devoted to him. Here are 12 fun facts about the star:

1. He has acted in a record number of movies. alt And has a larger-than-life persona on screen!

2. His success is extraordinary alt Lag gaye 440 volt.

3. His first entry into cinema alt Entry ho to aisi!

4. He is a foodie! alt Who would’ve guessed? He keeps so fit!

5. He is one of the highest paid actors in the world! alt He also has a big heart, and often donates to charity.

6. His art sometimes features in his movies too! alt Jai Ho Salman!

7. His name isn’t just Salman Khan alt We’re happy with using just the last two names!

8. His attitude when it comes to critics alt Haters gon hate.

9. His schooling in Mumbai alt Look at that brooding gaze!

10. His unusual fascination with soaps alt Abhi tak sabko nehlaya hai, ab sabko dhounga

11. His backup career option alt That’s probably why he looked so natural in Partner’s title song!

12. He is a man of many interests alt We would love to see more of his writing!

alt Keep ballin’, Salman! You have a very loyal fan base here at Elanic!