10 Facts About Ranveer Singh To Brighten Up Your Day

Ranveer Singh is filmy as can be. The man wears his heart on his sleeve and is filled with boundless energy! Enjoy these 10 facts about him, and thank us later:

1. His profession before he became an actor alt That explains his spontaneous wit!

2. His filmy connections alt It’s in his blood!

3. He was picky while choosing his debut film alt Tu to ainvaiyn ainvaiyn lut gaya!

4. He is the ultimate fan alt It would be interesting to see him in the role of Don!

5. So much so, that he got punished for it in school! alt So filmy, Ranveer!

6. He didn’t stop even when he went on to do his Bachelor's: alt Can't stop, won't stop.

7. His actual name is longer than we’d think: alt Check out that smile!

8. Speaking of names… alt Well, we’re glad you kept your name, Ranveer!

9. His one true love… and no, it’s not Deepika alt Adorbs!

10. He has other talents too: alt Hot damn!

alt So hot! Kya karein ladies, ye hai aadat se majboor!