11 Interesting Facts About Amitabh Bachchan That Will Motivate You

Kabhi kabhi hamaare dil mein khayaal aata hai ki Big B is the best! Read on for some inspiring facts about this ever-so-humble superstar:

1. Amitabh was not his parents’ first choice as a name for their son alt Inquilab Zindabad!

2. He had other career ambitions before he became a full fledged actor, like... alt And that’s not all, he also tried other things...

3. … and surprisingly, failed! alt His voice turned out to be his trademark later!

4. He had to face a long period of struggle before success came to him alt So much so that...

5. He didn’t have a place to live in for a few days alt It’s almost impossible to think of him like that now!

6. His first entry into Bollywood wasn’t as an actor alt So much for rejecting him because of his voice, AIR!

7.When he did start acting, it wasn’t easy for him... alt With sheer hard work and dedication to his craft, he reached his zenith!

8. He has behind him a huge legacy of his work alt And he’s still working!

9. He is known to be so passionate about his work… alt That it’s simply awe-inspiring!

10. His work has been recognized worldwide alt And he has contributed to taking Hindi cinema to its peak.

11. He is a man of many talents... alt Not too bad, eh?

alt And the best part? His trademark humility has remained intact all these years. We love you, Bachchan ji!