What NOT to do during Selleb Wars

Things you should not do during Selleb Wars:

  1. Do not spam the team forums with personal closet promotion.

  2. Do not create fake listings (listings for products that are not available).

  3. Do not create over priced listings.

  4. Do not create duplicate listing of the same product.

Listings that will not adhere to the rules of Elanic or will be found fraudulent in any other way will be rejected.

A rejected listing get will negative points.

Other important points:

  1. Any listing that will be reported 10 times by different user will be rejected.

  2. A user with 10 rejected listing during the campaign period will be disqualified from the campaign.

  3. A seller with 2 failed orders during the campaign will be disqualified from the campaign.

Flouting of these rules will lead to the user getting disqualified from taking part in Selleb Wars.