Elanic Seller Stories - Jyotii Sethi

Jyotii Sethi - the actress who is making waves in Bollywood has been on Elanic since May and is already a sensation on the app! She talks about her experience on Elanic, her new movie Phullu and her style quotient:

How are you liking Elanic so far?

I’m loving it! I’m excited every morning to know that my clothes have gotten sold. 70 out of the 100 products I listed got sold within a month! More than the money, I love that my clothes are going to buyers who’ll enjoy them.

What was the most memorable experience for you on the app?

When I made my first sale. It was a blue gown from Forever 21 - the first item I listed, and it got sold within a day! That’s when I started believing that this was real!

What’s your favourite hobby?

I love shopping, and only use a garment 2-3 times. As an actor I keep attending events so clothes are never an excess. I love Elanic as it the perfect platform for selling!


How would you describe your style? Has your city influenced it in any way?

Yes, where I live does influence my style. Chandigarh and Mumbai have 2 distinct flavours. However, comfort is a constant! Whatever the style is like, it isn’t outside my comfort zone.

Tell us something about Phullu.

Phullu is the story of a man who wants to help the women of his village embrace using sanitary napkins and take a step towards menstrual hygiene.

How has working in this movie changed your life?

After Phullu, I’ve started to voice my opinion in a stronger, more responsible way. A movie can change mass opinion and this makes me feel there is great responsibility that comes with my work.

What are three things in your closet that you cannot do without?

Perfume, a pair of black high-waist jeans and a plain black t-shirt. Black is my favorite colour. I can wear these 3 things and go ANYWHERE.

What according to you are monsoon fashion must-haves? Wear a fashionable raincoat! Why should the rains spoil your fashion quotient?

What are your tips on selling faster?

Model your products and list them at irresistible prices! Someone who has to pay 1000 for a top will easily put in 500 more and buy a new one. I’d rather list that same thing at Rs 500.


How do you find the time from your schedule to list products on Elanic?

I have someone I sort of mentor - she’s getting into modelling. She lists my clothes for me!

Among all the things you’ve sold, what has been dearest to you?

ALL of them! But if I had to choose, I’d say the black embroidered dress by Zara was my most favourite.

Any brand you love?

I have always loved Forever 21. My current favourite is Zara.

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