Everything we learnt from Sex and The City

Today marks the day when four friends from New York walked straight into our hearts, Six seasons and two movies later Sex and The City has been every girl’s Bible for Love, Life, Fashion and shoe advice. Each character’s story, perspective and lifestyle has taught us various valuable lessons.

Carrie Bradshaw

The main character of the show taught us that finding the one requires immense patience but there is one for everyone but most importantly no one will love you as much as you love yourself.

alt Charlotte York

The good girl of the gang taught us that there is a happy ending in store for everyone.


Samantha Jones

The ultimate powerhouse of the show, you can love her or hate her but you cannot ignore her. She taught us to be confident, independent, self reliant and have fun to the fullest while taking over the world.


Miranda Hobbes

She is the voice of reason and the most logical character on the show. She taught us that it's okay to aim higher and have ambitions that lie on top of the priority list.


But the most important thing the girls have taught us is in this roller coaster called life people will come and go, dreams change, trends will change but friendship never goes out of style.