The Not so secret Life of an Intern

June is here and so is the internship season. Interns seem to be everywhere this time of the year trying to figure out what on Earth goes on inside the glass cubicles you know you'll sit in and do your white collared job.The seasoned interns will tell the young fledglings that it’s all in the art of making/drinking chai from 9-5, but most of us come out of internships with great life lessons.

Here is a list of things that'll help you start your internships with your head held high.

1.Your Attitude defines you

A cheerful disposition works wonders to get things done or set your work in motion. Your opinions delivered with a calm and confident body language makes you come across as bright and honest.

2.It's an office, not Project Runway.

Dressing up for office is fun but not something to lose your wits over. Let your work fashion mantra be 'Smart' ,'neat' and 'classy', but don't forget comfortable.
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3.Great networks give the best services.

Networking is important not just for making friends, but also to make connections. Be proactive. Take time to follow up with your new acquaintances. Opportunities don't always announce themselves now do they?

4. Praise is rare but not impossible.

Getting praised in a great job is like finding a pencil in a clothes pile, not easy just rare. Most of the time, your work will be long and monotonous while otherwise it's chucking staples from used sheets of paper. Whatever the job, make sure your work is original even if it's not acknowledged.

5. Time and deadlines wait for your boss.

Spend your time wisely. As fascinating as they are, Buzzfeed quizzes won't give you a gleaming recommendation for your career goals. Use your time productively.

No matter how much work you have , remember that it's also important to have fun. Because all work and no play makes Jack a very dull intern. Have a great internship season!