Elanic Seller Stories - Hema Nayak

Hema is an entrepreneur, trained opera singer, compulsive street shopper and self-proclaimed night owl.

We caught up with her to know more about her experience on Elanic:

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a singer and was a part of AR Rahman’s concert team for 3 years. Now I’m back in Bangalore and have started an event management company. I’m also working with my aunt who manufactures clothing for kids.

What do you like about Elanic?

I joined Elanic in 2015. The first time I sold something, it felt too good to be true! Now I’m addicted to it. I keep checking my notifications and chats on the app just like I check Whatsapp
alt What do you do with the money you make on the app?

I’ve made about 36K through Elanic! I put the earnings into a Fixed Deposit and that has come back through with interest! I’m using this money to set up our boutique.

How often do you shop on the app?

I actually sell more than I shop!

(At that exact moment during our chat, a package from Elanic arrived at Hema's place. How dramatic!)

Tell us something about your personal style.

My style would be anything that's inspired by art - bohemian, punk, retro. My fashion idol Monica Dogra says, “Keep up with the trends but be willing to break them".

What are 3 things in your wardrobe you cannot live without?

My strechable jeggings, a dreamcatcher top that I think is lucky for me, and my tummy tucker.

Er, what?

Yeah, my tummy tucker!

Any tips for selling faster?

Be as active on Elanic as you are on Instagram and you’ll be fine.


How do you manage your closet?

I’m a night owl, so I upload my listings at night. I’m also old school and have an accounts book where I write down the details of my transactions on Elanic! As for taking pictures - I travel a lot and I have pictures of me wearing these clothes - so it directly goes into gallery and listing becomes super-easy.

What's your favourite buy from the app?

I’m a singer - I can’t afford to fall sick as it affects my voice. So I was looking for a jacket on Elanic and found this beautiful brown leather jacket with fur and absolutely loved it! The best part is that I bought it with credits I earned through the EPL (Elanic Premier League) last year!


What has your selling experience on Elanic been like?

It has been awesome! I love that the app has active users all over the country - there are more buyers now!

What has your most memorable interaction on Elanic been?

A buyer messaged me on Elanic to ask for a specific size and as we chatted, we realised we knew each other from before. We then met up - it was amazing! It’s magical how Elanic helps you connect with people through fashion!

How does Elanic fit in with your lifestyle?

I prefer travelling light. This makes me want to keep my wardrobe minimal and functional. However, I end up buying a lot of clothes while street shopping! Elanic helps me sell these things off and then buy a few classic items instead.

Buy from Hema's closet on Elanic @ urbanflora