A throwback to them school days

After two long months of scorching summer, the rains mark the fresh start of the new year. While it's universally acknowledged that every school student survives his/her school life dreaming about college, there are some things that even that cannot give us.

Here are a list of circumstances every school student has witnessed/ experienced or sometimes created for others.....

1. Food has no master

Remember the days when your mom packed those extra special lunches for you that never touched your mouth because your friends are like deprived zombies?


2.Because Nerdiness transcends age

When you realize that you have Pokémon name slips on all your books while your friends don't even have books because it’s uncool.


3.When you re-unite with your posse on the first day of school

The best part of first days is getting to see your friends again. The only day you can contradict yourself as an ultra feminist by squealing

4.There's no algebra in "real life"

The day after you were absent in the class the teacher started trigonometry and the aftermath of missing math hits you like a freight train.


5.Toppers! Though shalt be damned.

When there's five minutes to the bell and "Topper Bhaskar " asks a question that requires a twenty minute explanation.

alt 6.Dog ate my homework

When the teacher believes your best friends excuse for not submitting her homework.

alt 7.The societal hierarchy in the school bus

Every Indian student has at least once in his/her life been in a bus whose driver pretended he was driving a Ferrari and every seat was self assigned according to the clique you belonged to; popular kids, nerds and the socially awkward ones whose opinions blossomed only on notebook pages.

It's these little things that taught us most about facing life head on. It's these experiences that brings us all together to form the sacred community called "Students". Let's just take a moment to sit back and smile wistfully...