Five Lazy Girl Make-Up Essentials

As a certified lazy girl, trust me when I say this, make up is not my strong suit. No matter how much I drool over YouTube make-up gurus and their flawless make up skill. I know I'll never get myself to pull those full faces off. EVER.

Therefore, to literally save my face, I've come up with my version of a lazy girl's make-up essentials. Here goes...

1. Face Wash

I cannot emphasise enough on how important it is to have decent face wash in your repertoire. I always begin with a clean face which not only helps clear out blocked pores but also enhances your natural glow.


2. Mascara

Hands down, the easiest make-up hack in the history is a simple swish-swoosh of the mascara wand. It instantly gives you a clean, fresh and flirtatious look. It is also a good way to fake "alertness" when you're sleep AF in those early morning meetings.


3. Nude Eye Liner Pencil

Another way to make your eyes look big and beautiful is tight-lining your lower water line with a nude eyeliner pencil. A slightly less bold approach would be to concentrate on the inner eye corners.


4. Black Eye Liner Pencil

Being a lazy girl, I am not about that winged liner-ish. Instead with my simple yet bomb tip you'd never crave a wing. Use a black eyeliner pencil to tight-line your UPPER water line. (not the lower waterline) Pairing it with a touch of mascara will go a long long way.


5. Tinted Lip Balm

I'm all about optimisation when it comes to make-up. Therefore, tinted lip balms are my favourite. They give you colour and care. Choose any colour and go crazy. Not only will they provide colour but will also nourish your lips.


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