Elanic Seller Stories - Manali Mhatre

Manali Mhatre is a full-time MBA student, a traveller and part-time shopaholic and fashionista.

How do you like Elanic?

I really like the app! It has helped me declutter my wardrobe, and I appreciate the service provided.

What do you do with the money you make on Elanic?

Shop again! (laughs) I love shopping - and with the money I earn through Elanic I am able to buy more things from the app!

How would you describe your style?

Elegant and not showy.

What is your favourite thing about the app?

Convenience - all the orders are handled well by the company and everything happens smoothly.

Among all the things you’ve bought or sold, what has been dearest to you?

My favourite sale was this floral dress. I kind of regretted it after selling it, loved it that much! As for my favourite purchase, it has to be these Nike sports shoes that I got for just Rs. 1200.

What are 3 things in your wardrobe you cannot live without?

A pair of jeans, this biker leather jacket and a loose comfortable top.


What has your most memorable interaction on Elanic been?

I made a friend through the app. I had messaged to buy something from her, and we got chatting and became friends! She’s from Delhi, and we still keep in touch! I am also very happy when a buyer gives me feedback saying that they love and value my product.

What are your tips on selling faster?

Pictures should be taken well, and not just that - one must try to pair the product with something. For example, if you are selling a top, don’t just take a picture of the top - show what else you can wear it with. That makes it look more appealing to the customer.

What has your selling experience on Elanic been like?

It has been great! I’ve only been on the app since January and have already sold so many products! Elanic helps me declutter my wardrobe and I also earn pocket money this way. Since I’m on vacation right now and college hasn’t started yet, I am free to do all my listings in the weekend.

Tell us about your favourite monsoon fashion hack.

If you’re wearing an ethnic top, I would suggest pairing it with cropped pants! They’re stylish, and comfortable to wear during the monsoons.

Buy from Manali's closet at http://elanic.in/wanderlustchicandyou