DIY : Macrame Charm Bracelets

From buttons and beads to old jeans, we all have things we hoard in our cupboards never to be used and these days are all about up cycling. Here is how you can use your old bangles and shoelaces to create a truly marvelous charm bracelet.


What you need

  1. Coloured thread/ laces/ macrame thread

  2. Glue gun/ any adhesive


1. Place the two threads crosswise and loop the piece on the right over the vertical piece of thread.


2. Now loop the left side under the horizontal piece and take it over the 1st loop.


3. Tighten the knot.


4. Now loop the right side under the horizontal piece and simultaneously loop the left side over the over horizontal piece and through the right loop.


5. Tighten the knot and repeat steps 2 through 4 till you reach the desired length.


6. Tie the loose ends off ,add your favorite charms and you’re done!

You can also substitute the vertical yarn/thread with an old bangle and voila, you have a bangle bracelet!

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