Five Ways To Organise Your Work Space

Finding motivation for work as the weekend draws closer is definitely difficult. The best way to generate the required motivation in my books is aiming towards organising. A well organised desk would not only be pleasant to your eyes but also to your mind.

These are five hacks to organise your desk.

1. Desk Organisers

This is the most basic tip out there. It requires minimum effort but will take your organisation game to the next level.


2. Agenda Boards

To-do lists form a huge part of a work environment. Pinning up your-do list helps to have a clear vision for the work laying ahead. Checking items off a list also gives a sense of accomplishment.


3. Drawer Organiser

It is very tempting to just shove all the clutter from the desk into a drawer. But this clutter can get out of hand pretty quickly. To avoid this use drawer organisers to segregate your clutter.

4. A mini-dustbin

It can become tedious to walk across several desks just to dump your garbage. Therefore, save your energy by placing a small personal dustbin right under your table.

5. A personal touch

Add a little something to personalise your office space; after all you do spend more time at the desk than anywhere else. It can be a small plant, a photo frame, literally anything. You do you.


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