5 Monsoon Makeup Hacks

Movies might lead you to believe one can look absolutely flawless even in heavy downpour but ladies we all know that’s not the case. Here are some simple hacks to manage your makeup even during the rainy season.


Doesn’t matter what skin type you have, if you want your makeup to stay on for a longer time use a primer as it flattens the surface of the skin and makes it easy for the make up to stay put.


BB cream

Instead of a heavy liquid foundation that would just look too cakey on your face go for a light bb cream that will give a very light & sheer finish to your skin in these humid and rainy days.



If you don’t want your face to look like a runny mess leave your powder based blush in your shelves the whole season and replace them with a lip or cheek stain, it will give a very natural looking flush to your face.



Monsoon or not, walking out of the door without eyeliner is like forgetting to breathe , it’s an everyday ritual that we can’t do without and to keep this routine even during monsoons use the strongest waterproof liner you can and try to avoid pencil liners unless smudged liners are your thing.


Matte Lipsticks

Try and avoid lip glosses or cream finished lipsticks because they might just bleed all over your face. For a long lasting effect go for a matte shade.


Don't let a little downpour bring down your spirit, these easy makeup hacks will help you maintain your A game even during monsoons.