Hashtags! Everything you need to know.

Peeps, great news! We've now introduced hashtags on Elanic! Read on to know how this makes your experience more awesome!

Q. Hastags! What are they?

A. Hashtags are these small-but-powerful symbols - ‘#’ - that you can add to any listing, with appropriate words, to make it more relevant and discoverable.

Q. How do hashtags work?

A. Say you have a summer dress in your closet, ready for sale. And a buyer somewhere is looking for the perfect summer dress. Hashtagging your listing with #summerdress makes it easier for the buyer to find your dress by searching for this hashtag. One listing can have multiple hashtags too. For example, your summer dress listing could also have #green, #anklelength, #cotton, #shortsleeves and more. Hashtags make things more relevant and searchable. If you’re a buyer, then searching for what you want (say, #offshoulder) will give you all results tagged with that feature. Try it now!

Q. How should I use hashtags?

A. Simple! If you’re a seller, while uploading a listing, add relevant hashtags in the hashtag field to make your products more easily searchable. If you’re a buyer, search for what you want by typing the hashtag in the search field! Clicking on any one hashtag, wherever you are, also takes you to a page with a list of all items tagged with it.

Q. What about my existing listings?

A. Go right ahead and edit them to add relevant hashtags! And then watch as buyers find your products faster!