Shades Of Ranveer Singh

While Bollywood is actually stepping up their fashion game by hiring stylists and taking the right direction, there is one man standing tall, breaking all the fashion rules as they come his way with his wacky style and clothes.
You may hate his guts to wear something different (well different is an understatement) or you may call him brave to pull together an outfit you might only do in your wildest dreams but you cannot ignore this powerful force of nature.
Here are some of our favorite looks flaunted by Ranveer Singh.


Men have always been seen flaunting tuxedos at red carpet. Our man Ranveer didn’t only make heads turn but made a statement with his perfectly groomed beard, graphic tee, silk night gown teamed up with a muppets pj and Sylvester fluffy slippers and grabbed more attention than all others in labelled tuxes.


I am not sure how many men would be able to carry a skirt and still look very macho flaunting it effortlessly. That’s gender bending done on point!


Florals have a very love-hate relationship with the fashion industry but Ranveer flaunts florals like the prints were especially designed for him. His energy and boisterous attitude seems like a perfect match for the print.

Mario Costume

There is something about a man in uniform, it instantly makes him look good but Ranveer can manage to look as dapper in a Mario costume suit as he would in any uniform.

alt Septum Ring

Flaunting a septum ring is the coolest trend of the season but you're mistaken if you think only girls can wear them, Ranveer Singh blew everybody's mind and stole our heart while rocking this viral trend effortlessly.

The powerhouse of Bollywood brings his free-spirit in his quirky sense of fashion, there's never a dull moment in the fashion industry thanks to his effortlessly crazy style.
Here's wishing Ranveer a very Happy Birthday! Hoping that you keep blessing us with your quirky fashion sense for years to come.