Downtown Denim

Good ol’ denims have always been the most essential piece in an girl’s wardrobe, it never gets old or boring but this season denim is anything but basic and here are some killer denim trends that you should definitely try to step up your fashion game.


Ladies it’s time to go gaga over gems and glitter. A little glam can add groove and charm to your look and will let you bring A game this season.


Fringes are everywhere. They are casting their spell on every product and now it’s denim’s turn. These fringed denims will make your inner bohemian goddess scream with joy and transport them to Coachella instantly.


Embroidered statement jeans are back and sporting butterflies and flowers on your jeans is not lame, instead it’s actually the talk of the season. This new trend will thrill your wardrobe and make your good old blue denims a loved and statement piece in your wardrobe.

Oversized Denim Jacket

Call them boyfriend jackets or mom jackets, over sized jackets are the talk of the town. You don’t need freezing temperatures to flaunt these jackets, just throw them over a tank top and a pair of comfortable pants and go for a spin in this effortlessly chic look.


Ripped jeans have always been in and out of fashion but this new trend will spice up your wardrobe for sure, Ripped jeans with fishnet stocking are a thing this season.

alt Cropped Flares

Less is more this season and it’s all about showing off your ankles and shoes. If you're looking to make a statement with just your denims then look no further.

alt Rolled Up Cuffs

One of the best and the easiest trend of the season is rolling up the cuff of your jeans to show off your ankles and shoes. This is a very basic street smart and chic look for the denim season.