Elanic Seller Stories - Radhika

A corporate employee during the week, Radhika dons the hat of a fashion blogger on the weekends. We caught up with her to speak about her experience on Elanic.

Please tell us about yourself.

I’m a fashion and lifestyle blogger on the weekends. On the weekdays, I work in a corporate job. Even as a little girl, I’d spend hours in front of the mirror with my mommy’s makeup, playing dress-up. The creative juices were always flowing and it was evident I’d end up doing something in fashion.

What are your hobbies?

There’s not much time for hobbies, with all the photoshoots and brands events that I’m part of. However, I love it all so much that it doesn’t matter! Blogging makes elite fashion accessible to all women and I love being a part of this change.

What’s your relationship with Elanic like?

Elanic’s my favourite - I earn pocket money through it. I list when I’m travelling to office, and whatever I list is what I wear for my photoshoots.


What do you do with the money you make on Elanic?

Shop again! I love shopping.

How would you describe your style?

Casual, comfortable and stylish.

What is your favorite thing about the app?

The Elanic wallet!!! (laughs)

Any favorite sale or purchase?

I’ve only purchased an eyeshadow pallette, and I really like it.
As for sales, all my clothes are dear to me, but there was this pink lehenga I sold was my most favorite!


3 things in your wardrobe that you cannot live without.

My favourite pyjamas (CANNOT live without them), my watch and my favourite t-shirt.

What has your most memorable experience on the app been?

I’ve had more than one, actually. But here’s one - 2 buyers started following me on social media, and we still keep in touch on a daily basis.

Any tips to other users for selling faster?

Upload good pictures!

Buy from Radhika’s closet on Elanic @ radhikanathani