Hottest Accessory Trends Of The Season

Michael Kors said “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit” and as an accessory junkie I more than agree with that. Accessories make everything better as they bring glam to a boring outfit.
Here are a few must haves this season to turn plain to preppy.

Grandpa Glasses

Welcome to the millennial age where wearing glasses means making a statement. No, we are not talking about the regular glasses. This season is all about the grandpa glasses that will give you the tag of hipsters in the mainstream world.



They are the go to accessory this season. Whether you are flaunting your desi-ness or your inner Amy Winehouse, hoops just enhance your entire look and manages to let you feel both festive as well as feminine.



People are having a love-hate relationship with chokers but whether you hate them or love them to the core, you have to agree that they do bring a certain element to the whole outfit.


Statement Earrings

Don’t feel confident with your outfit? Statement earings will act as your savior this season as they ensure that your accessory is the focus point of the outfit.



If you thought jhumkas will only enhance your indian ensemble, it's time to change that thinking because jhumkhas have suddenly become the most versatile piece in your jewelery box and they go with almost anything. From perfect white shirt & distressed jeans to a oversized boho dress, it gives a very elegant indo-western vibes to your ensemble.


Septum Rings

Septum rings are the coolest new trend for the rebel in you. This is a perfect accessory for all the hipsters that want to look different amongst the mainstream nose and ear piercings. Opt for press rings if you think they will give your mom an apoplexy.

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