Elanic Seller Stories - Ronisha D’silva

Ronisha has been with Elanic for a year now. She's a proud mommy of two, and ever since she found Elanic, a carefree, happy one as well! We caught up with her to find out about her experience on the app.

Q. How do you like Elanic?

A. I love Elanic. I've been on the app for almost a year now. Since, then I’ve been obsessed. It is surely one of my favourites.

Q. How does Elanic fit in your lifestyle?

A. Elanic is a saviour. I have two kids. So naturally, these kids receive a lot a gifts. Some of them get used, but others remain untouched. Thus, I had a lot of things accumulated, which I had never used. I had no idea what to do with them, and the pile just kept growing in my cupboard. It took up a lot of space. But once I got this app, I don’t keep anything I don’t use. If I haven't used something in a month, I’m listing it on Elanic.

Q. What has been your favourite sale on the app until now?

A. I’ve sold a lot of stuff on Elanic. And each time I make a sale, I’m just happy that it’s going to a place where it will be liked. I sell a lot of clothes that my daughter receives as gifts. It makes me happy to know that people are able to acquire these products for a smaller price, since kids' clothes these days are expensive. Children also grow out of clothes very quickly. Because of all this, I was happy that my stuff went to nice people who really wanted that stuff but couldn't afford it outside at full-market price. I’m proud of this. I don't prefer giving these clothes away for free either, because then people don’t care for them. But through Elanic, I know it’s going to someone who will really cherish their purchase.

Q. Being a mother of two children, you must have a lot on your plate. How do you find the time to list?

A. The listing process is very simple and that's great. Whenever my kids are asleep, I list. It's as simple as taking pictures and giving details. It’s pretty quick. That’s why I love this app.

Q. How has your customer service experience been on Elanic?

A. The app is very user-friendly. It is as simple as it can be. Whenever I am going through it, it is very easy to find whatever I need. Even when there was an update and got confused, I reached out to customer service and got a prompt response.

Q. Any interesting purchase from the app?

A. A user called Anu sells very beautiful crochet items. So for my daughter’s christening ceremony, I bought a white crochet frock from her. It was a very special purchase.


Q. What is your favourite feature of the app?

A. The chat feature is very helpful. Earlier, the chat option wasn't there. We could only put comments and wait for the other person to reply. So that was tedious. Now with chatting, things are good and easy. Earlier, negotiation took a day or two. Now we can place orders within minutes.

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