Baby On Board: New Category On Elanic

Elanic is proud to introduce our brand new category solely dedicated to baby products. So here's a special shout out to all the mommies and daddies. Now is your chance to say goodbye to your baby's old jumpsuit, the old car seat he doesn't fit in anymore, and all those toys he's gotten over.

Baby Carrier

Carrying a baby around is quite a challenge, and baby carriers of all sorts (wraps, slings or structured carriers) come to the rescue.
Popular Brands: Soul, R for Rabbit, MOBY.



Strollers are hugely popular with all parents - especially those with more than one kid. So, let babies roll in style at the playground.
Popular Brands: Fisher-Price, R for Rabbit, Chicco, LuvLap alt

Rockers and Baby Bouncers

Has your baby grown out of his rocker? Pass on the pleasure of a pacified baby to stressed-out fellow mommies!
Popular Brands: Fisher Price, Chicco, LuvLap



All rest and no play makes Jack a dull baby! Declutter your little one’s toy box and post the contents on Elanic.
Popular Brands: Chicco, Fisher-Price, Funskool



Parents know too well how quickly infants outgrow their clothes. Just post your infant’s rompers, frocks, sets and more on Elanic and watch them sell.
Popular Brands: Carter’s, Mothercare, Babyhug, Cucumber


Car Seats

Has your kid grown out of his car seat? Is it now just lying around the house? Well, post it on Elanic and let other babies ride in style.

Popular Brands: R for Rabbit, Safety 1st, Luv Lap

Feeding and Nursing Items

Every parent loves to provide nourishment to their children. Here's where feeding and nursing items come to your rescue. Make your feeding sessions effortless.

Popular Brands: Medela, Pigeon, Mee Mee


So go ahead, post these baby essentials and start making sales!
Sell Now.

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