It is in the maidens handbook that every lady should maintain their bags like how Cerberus guards the entrance to the underworld. Ask any guy and he will tell you that a woman's handbag is a universal conundrum with stuff ranging from a lipstick to a sleeping bag or a spare bulb (All within a sqft). At the same time, we women know how difficult it is to decide what does and doesn't make the cut to live inside that sacred space.

Have no fear, we'll make it easy for you. Here are 5 things that you MUST absolutely carry in your handbag.

1. SANITIZER/ TISSUE/ WET WIPES Wet wipes are not as effective as a sanitizer to kill germs, but wet wipes work well to scrub your face clean from all the dirt and dust you accumulate as you commute from place to place. They also get you out of everyday tricky situations like stepping on cow dung or polishing your shoe.

2. MOISTURIZER/SUNSCREEN If you're paranoid about dry skin problems, carry a small tub/bottle of face moisturizer that'll keep your skin healthy even after a grueling day. If your skin feels oily to the touch, use a wipe and moisturize. Remember, skin is important.

3. LIPSTICK Every girl has her go to brand and color when it comes to lipstick. Always carry the one that goes with every outfit to whip out during emergencies. To others who prefer to be au-naturale, get a lip balm to keep your lips from cracking( A tinted one gives you a pop of color too).

4. SUNGLASSES Don't be that girl who wears your sunglasses to the mall at night because you forget to carry them elsewhere. Be classy and cautious at the same time. Use those shades to guard your baby blues (er blacks) while driving or walking around in the sun.

5. ALSO THESE There are a million other things I would love to suggest, but only you know what you'll need more. A pocket perfume/roll on of your choice, a pen, and a tiny notepad to always be ready, a chocolate if you have sugar cravings, Scrunchie for a bad hair day and finally, Mints: because we don’t want to be bad breath Babita.

So there you go, those were a few things that'll help you lighten that burden on your shoulder while having everything you need in that pocket square sized little thing. And Boys, Well now you know.