Jewellery trends for the season!

Jewellery to women is the answer to most of their first world problems. Be it a diva or a bookworm, the right piece of jewellery will show you the way to her heart. While it's important to have a few pieces that you cherish and collect, it's also important to be updated with the trends of the times.
Try these trends and you'll know that the one that calls out you will be a keeper.

1. OXIDISED SILVER Oxidised silver has always had a certain allure no fashionista could ignore. But it has upped its game in 2017 with a new focus on tribal jewellery. From Designers to hawkers, everybody is obsessed with this new trend.

2. DAINTY DAISIES Ever felt selecting perfectly coordinated pieces for all your piercings is a dilemma? It's a chore no more. Pink, blue and Aqua are the viral colours for the yEar (pun intended.) Now pick dainty looking ear studs and bracelets with semi precious gemstones in these colours. Forget about co-ordinating, it's all about the colours.

3. TASSEL DAZZLE From danglers to ear cuffs and chokers, tassels seem to be everywhere this year. Feeling a little bored with your look? Add a tassel somewhere and voila, you're the girl with the killer accessorising skills.

4. LAYERING Ah, after the deep and dark season of cuffs and collars come back the dainty little danglers in gold, silver and rose gold. One layer is not enough bling? Multiple strands with an edgy pendant is the go to accessory. An equally delicate and powerful statement.

5. VINTAGE PEARLS Sigh. These are a throwback to those times you've played with your grandmothers' jewellery box and found strands upon strands of pearls with artfully crafted silver clasps in the form of bracelets or a pair of earbobs. Channel you inner Audrey Hepburn with vintage pearls this season.

Try out these trends and be in tune with the times.
Let your jewellery speak for you!