11 Acronyms for the "COOL GIRL"

Hello there!

Ever had an amazing experience that you diligently documented with 1000 pictures from every angle for your Instagram and found that the word limit forces you to mince words?
Been there. Done that. But not anymore.
Here's where this post is going to change your life.
We give you a list of acronyms(fashion and otherwise) to help tell your story as it happened without losing punch!


Every fashion blogger or enthusiast might be familiar with the "outfit of the day" hashtag. Here's something to make it easy for you when you don't have anything to caption your mandatory daily post by.

2. OTK: OVER THE KNEE Got great legs you say? Now flaunt those pencil skirts and caption the pic as OTK to show the world you're too cool for long words.

3. LSD: LITTLE SEQUINED DRESS (Not the drug) This is a small twist on the classic little black dress(LBD). Now the next time your friend asks you for emergency fashion advice while you're driving, tell her to whip out her LSD without a second thought.

4. VPL: VISIBLE PANTY LINE A great addition to your messaging library for when your friend is walking around unaware of her faux pas. The days of getting her attention and surreptitiously motioning toward her nether regions are over. Pull out your phone and text her about the VPL.

5. ICYMI: IN CASE YOU MISSED IT From reminding your boss about the file you left on her desk, to telling your social media followers about a big announcement, these 5 alphabets can save time and help you stay well within the character limit.

6. TBH: TO BE HONEST Have a habit of telling it like it is? Now use this acronym to be brutally honest without being deadly. The short form definitely tones down the ominous effect of using the full form.
"TBH, I don't think you should shave your eyebrows"

7. OMW: ON MY WAY Tired of responding to a hundred messages from your mother asking you where you are? OMW works best for whenever you don't want to elaborate about your whereabouts.

8. YOLO: YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE This seems to be the excuse the world is obsessed with these days for doing things they probably shouldn't or are sceptical about.
"Wanna go skinny dipping? Why not? YOLO."

9. DKDC: DON'T KNOW DON'T CARE Did you end up with the roommate whose curiosity levels are likely to get her killed in the near future? The best response to pestering questions and intrusive comments:
"How is your roommate? Didn't she get hit by a car?"

Your answer- "DKDC"

10. ELI5: EXPLAIN LIKE I'M FIVE Romeo: O, that I were a glove upon that hand, That I might touch that cheek!
You: ELI5
Romeo: I love you.
You: Sorry man, you're not my type.

11. LMK: LET ME KNOW A great acronym for all kinds of situations.
" When do you get out of work?", "Do you have my toothbrush? Just LMK"

Now go all out and use these acronyms to show the world just how rad you are! YOLO!