Five Bags Every Girl Must Have

In a world where we are practically always on the run, bags have become a necessity. Phone, Laptop, Keys, Wallet, Chargers, we literally carry our world around. Therefore, it has become essential to have a few numbers tucked in the safety of our closets.

Here are five bags every woman must-have:

A Simple yet Chic Backpack

A backpack hits the head of the nail when it comes to serving its purpose. You can perfectly fit your essentials in your backpack. The plus point of carrying a backpack is free-hands!


A Small yet Efficient Sling Bag

If you're lucky enough to find the perfectly sized sling bag, it will become your best friend for every night-out with your friends. A perfect sling bag allows you to keep all your essentials : wallet, keys, phone and of course a lipstick, without weighing you down throughout the night.


A Cute Tote

I know that backpacks are more "convenient" to carry your work essentials; however, when you're feeling particularly lady-like, a tote is your choice of accessory. You need it for the days you decide to adorn a cutesy dress to work.

A Classy yet Sturdy Suitcase

I agree that this may not be an everyday essential. But it forms a big part of the one vacation you wait all year for (or many vacations, if you're lucky). While travelling you should keep in mind both style and comfort.


An All-Ocassion Wallet

Last but definitely not the least, a wallet is an essential you can't imagine leaving home without. It is advisable to buy a wallet in a neutral check colour so that it goes with every outfit. Unless, you fancy moving all your cards from one wallet to another on a day-to-day basis. gasps

alt I'm absolutely certain that a bag is a millennial's best friend.
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