5 minutes mantra for working women

Let's face it, being a working woman isn’t easy and with the speedy tick-tocks, it gets even harder. From choosing what to wear to catch the ‘less crowded metro/bus’ it all needs to be done, on time. We can’t help you with the later but leave the styling on us!

Part 1.

The 5 minutes glow-up:

We say 5 minutes because we all know the ‘2 minutes Maggi noodles’ is never really 2 minutes.


Using a moisturizer is really important as it acts as the base for your makeup. It helps you put the foundation evenly without making it cakey. After prepping, apply the foundation that matches your skin tone. And set it with a translucent powder.

2. Eyes talk louder than words ( But so do eyebrows)

Apply a thin layer of eye liner on the upper eye lid and make your eyelashes long and flirty using a mascara. If you aren’t one of those lucky ones who have thick bushy eyebrows, dab some brow powder on your brows.
alt 3. Lips

Apply a pop of pink on your lips and wolaa you’re done!
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Part 2

Work in style

Just because you’re going to work doesn’t mean you can’t turn a few heads when you walk in right? Dressing up for office can be tricky as it largely depends on the environment you work at as well as your personal style.

1. Let your style scream fashion!

If you preach fashion, this one is for you.
A lady-like dress with pumps and a big hand bag. FASHIONN!
alt Perfect for meetings. Pair a trouser with a shirt and add a jacket.

2. The laid back chic

For when you want to look like you’ve put an effort on your outfit but don’t feel lady-like on a Monday morning.
Put on your favourite jeans and pair it with a shirt. Add on some statement jewellery and grab a bag.


2. The desi chic

For the times you feel ethnic!
Ethic and jhumkas always go hand in hand so get yourself a kurta and a pair of jhumkas to complete your desi look.


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