8 baby products you can sell on Elanic!

With a baby in the house, there are a lot of things we need for the little one and before we know it they are all grown up.

Here is a list of pre-loved children belongings and accessories which can be sold on Elanic.

1. Clothes

Newborns usually outgrow clothes within weeks and often the clothes are only used once or twice. Sell off all the clothes your baby doesn't need anymore.


2. Shoes

Your baby's shoes are often used for the show as they don’t start walking until they hit the one year mark. Sell them off once they outgrow the tiny shoes.



As babies grow, their preferences of toys change and they tend to get bored with the existing ones and look for new ones fast. Sell all those toys on Elanic.

4. Baby Carrier

The baby carrier keeps your baby close and allows you to be hands-free while moving around. But once they learn to walk these are of no use.


5.Breast Pump

Sell the breast pump that's been your friend once your baby is past the feeding stage.

6. High Chair High chairs are fun and convenient while feeding them food. Give it away once you child learns to eat by themselves.


7. Stroller

Strollers are a blessing as you can move around with your baby in them while they are asleep. Sell it off to someone who has a new born once your baby learns to walk.


8. Cots and Cribs

Sell off the cots and beddings once your baby grows old and starts crawling out of them.

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