5 hacks to organize your home

Can't find your favourite pair of earrings? Is the linen overflowing from your closet? Wait, where did you keep your vitamins?

With so many daily things to keep a track of, one often tends to forget where it's kept or ends up wasting time trying to find it.
Here are a few cool products which will help you sort out your daily mess and confusion.

1. Cloth and Blanket Pouch.

Make space in your closet for your lovely dresses by storing away your linen, blankets and clothes in these pouches.They are light weight and can be stored anywhere around the house.


2. Spice Organizer.

The transparent boxes make it easy to see what is inside it. One can keep all the spices in one place, saving you time from looking for spices in different places.


3. Travel Bag.

Stash away all your travel essentials in one place. This is a compact bag with various compartments to store all your necessities.


4. Bathroom Organizer.

Clean up your cluttered bathroom by storing everything in one place and save yourself from the embarrassment of a messy bathroom when guests are visiting.


5. Pill Box

A great addition to have on your work desk or bed side table. You can store drinking water in the bottle and your medicines in the box attached to it. It's easy to carry, making sure you stay healthy and happy.


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