Elanic Seller Stories: Priyankamit Makkar

Priyankamit is a housewife and mother of two. We caught up with her and she told us how selling on Elanic is helping her save up for her new house!
Let's hear her story

Q.What do you do for a living?

A. I’m a housewife with two kids and a seller from home.

Q. How did you venture into being a professional seller?

A. I was a software engineer but I left my job as I had kids and had to take care of them. I sold one of my pre-owned product on the app and realised I could sell more on the app. That’s how I started procuring products and selling on Elanic.

Q.How is selling on Elanic different than other platforms?

A. I love using Elanic because of the user-friendly interface and the customer service is always there to help whenever there is any issue. Also, the deals, trending products and frequent campaigns and contests make it engaging for us. alt

Q.Where do you source your products from?

A. I’m from NCR so I get most of them from markets and the rest through online websites.

Q. What do you do with the money you make on Elanic?

A. I’m saving up my earnings as I have a target to achieve 50 thousand so that I can give my part of buying our new house.

What’s been your favorite sale made on Elanic?

A. Face scrubber. Something that isn’t sold by many on the app so I’ve sold quite a number of them

Q. Most memorable experience/encounter on the app?

A. The things I bought for my kids through the money I earned. Also the 0 commission listing on Elanic’s birthday.

Q. Tips for selling faster for other users?

A. Put genuine pricing. Also Look at the prices of the product you are selling on the app and price it accordingly

Q. What’s your favorite feature on Elanic that makes your selling easy?

A. The user-friendly interface