10 fairy light ideas to light up your room!

Redecorating your house can be quite heavy on the pocket. Basically spending lots and lots of energy, time and money. But before you shake it off and drop the idea, here’s a cost saving advice. Fairy lights. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably come across the idea of decorating different corners of your home with fairy lights. Here are 10 ways you could decorate your place -

1.The Christmas magic

This one just needs a string of fairy lights and a packet of table tennis balls. Make a small hole for the bulbs to fit in each ball, stick in the lights and you're done!


2.Sheer it up

Hang a string of fairy lights on your curtain holder, put on a sheer white curtain and that's it.

3.Polaroids at its best

Have a bunch of polaroids lying around? Put them to use. Take a string of fairy light, drill some nails into the wall and set up the fairy light. Then hang the pictures on it using some cute clips and make your room tumblr-ish!


4.Netflix and chill

Hang the fairy light surrounding your TV on the wall. Make use of multiple lights if one falls short. The best way to Netflix and chill.

5.Just a corner

Pick your favourite corner of any room and hang a fairy light. Yes, it's THAT simple. alt


You can have a fancy study table too. Decorate your study table with fairy lights and work/study in peace. alt

7.Keep it elegant

Draw a cloud or any design you like on the wall and place the fairy light surrounding it.

8.Curl up the Staircase

If you think stairs are the most boring part of your house, this one is for you. Curl up your stairs with fairy lights and boom! Your place will look completely different.

9.Anything and everything

Play around with the lights and try searching the corner of your house which looks dull. A boring kitchen sink can also be LIT using fairy lights!

10.Chill AF

If you literally don't have time and money to invest, place your fairy lights on your bed rest. This works too!