Tried and tested!5 makeup hacks that actually work

From watching your favourite makeup youtuber to reading blogs, we’ve all tried copying makeup looks step by step. But sometimes (or maybe most of the times) failed terribly. But before you blame it on the video accuracy or product authenticity, hear us out. We all have different skin, so a product which is working for someone else may not suit your skin. Plus, let’s not forget they’re professionals.
Here are 5 easy makeup hacks (tried and tested) to make your makeup routine easier.

1.Kajal too light?

If you always follow the right steps for the smokey eye or use a kohl just to line your under eye but always end up being disappointed by how it turns out, it maybe because your kohl is too light. Hence, its not doing the magic.

Hack - Heat it with lighter/candle, let it cool for 15 seconds then use normally. It’ll be 10x times darker. alt 2.Long lasting curls

No makeup look is complete without long flirty eyelashes. But if aren’t born with long lashes, eyelash curlers and mascara are your saviours. Here's a simple trick you can do to make it extra- extra long lasting.

Hack - Heat up curler, let it cool a bit, use it. This will help hold on the curls longer. alt

3.Popping eyeshadow

This one is a trick to make your eyeshadows POP!

Hack - Give your eyeshadow a white base. Use a white eyeshadow or a eye pencil on your eyelid, then apply your favourite eyeshadow on top. The difference is surreal! alt 4.Fix your foundation

Have you ever purchased a foundation and found that it doesn't really match your skin tone? OR Your old go-to foundation doesn’t match your skin since you made that trip to Goa?
Don’t toss them away. Here’s how you can fix it.

Hack - If your foundation is too dark, take a few drops of moisturizer and mix it well. It will lighten a shade. You can repeat this step till you reach your desired shade.

If you’ve tanned during the summer and your foundation doesn’t match anymore, here’s how you can fix it according to your undertone -

Pink undertone - Mix it with a blush

Yellow undertone - Mix with a pinch of turmeric

Brown undertone - Mix with bronzer alt 5.Get the perfect wing

Making a winged eyeliner can be tough. In between “too thin” to “too thick”, we sometimes just end up with a black eye. (not cool)

Hack - Use a business card, hold it at the edge of your eye. One end touching the eyebrow tip, the other on outer corner of eyelid. Now take a liquid liner and trace the wing following the card.Then make a thin line on your upper eye lid and join the wing. Wolaa! You’re done.