5 hacks to survive bad hair day!

We all love our hair but then there are those days we wanna pull them off. Yes, the bad hair days!
But worry not, here are 5 hacks that I've always used every time I had a bad hair day.

1. Retro love

This one's the fav and the easiest to pull off. I almost wear this once a week.

  1. Take a scarf and fold it in a triangle
  2. Roll it up half from the smaller section till you get a half rolled long piece
  3. Put it behind your neck and bring it around your the forehead and tie a double knot on top.
  4. Pull the scarf ends back again and adjust them each on to the side.
    And it's done! Now go flaunt that retro look.


2. Keep it top notch!

Too lazy to get up, let alone manage that messy hair? Well, get away with a top bun!

  1. Pull your hair up into a pony and tie it tight with a rubber band.
  2. Take the rest of the hair and start twisting till it's tight.
  3. Take the twisted strand and roll it around your pony and secure with a bobby pin.
    See? It's that easy!


3. Work that pony

Late for work? Tie your hair into a sleek pony to save yourself the time to run to work!

  1. Comb your hair and tie your hair into a high pony.
  2. Take a strand from the ponytail and wrap it around the pony top to give it the fuller and natural look.
  3. Secure it with a bobby pin.
    And you're good to go!


4. Braided baby

Braids are always fun and easy to do. You can either go for the simple braid we all do or try this fun twist.

  1. Part your hair into 3 sections to the side
  2. Braid each section separately
  3. Once done, braid the three braids together!
    Voila you have your own style to show off


5. Keep it low

Need to go for a brunch or a date but worried you might scare your date? Worry not, try the low bun.

  1. Tie your hair into a tight low pony
  2. Once done, divide the inside section into two and bring up your pony and put it inside the divided section.
  3. Repeat the step again but this time with your finger on top and letting the strands in on top your finger.
  4. Keep repeating it till your strands are almost over.
  5. Once done, secure it with a bobby pin on both sides to keep it off from falling.

There you go! All date ready.


I hope these hacks are helpful. I've always been saved by them. Time for you to get saved too!