A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Pack

Are you selling fashion products and are not sure how to pack them the correct way?
With these super easy tips and tricks, packaging at home could have never been simpler!
Upcycle the stuff lying at home and create a perfect package for your products.

All you need is-
1. Ziplock
2. Newspaper/ Brown Paper
3. Cloth envelopes (costs under Rs. 10)
4. Cartons
5. Cellotapes

And you’re ready to pack any fashion product of yours!


Step 1: Fold it Up

Make sure you make the correct folds on your garments.

Tip: Add a cardboard sheet between the garment for the pro touch.

How it helps?
Correct folding prevents creases and crumples on your apparel

Step 2: Wrap it Up

Place the folded clothes inside a ziplock bag.

How it helps?
The ziplock protects the garments, in case the outer cover gets damaged.

Step 3: Cover it Up

Slip the ziplocked bag in a green cloth envelope.

How it helps?
These cloth envelopes protects the garment from any outer damage. (Moisture, any temperature, pressure, manhandling, basically anything!)

Step 4: Seal it Up

Tightly seal the envelope with some BOPP tape.

How it helps?
The BOPP tape is a very durable and sturdy tape which can’t be torn easily. Sealing your envelope with this tape will ensure the contents of the pack are safely secure.

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To pack your junk jewellery, follow all the steps in clothing, but just skip step 1.

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Step 1: Fill it Up

Stuff newspaper balls into the shoes.

How it helps?
This step not only helps to keep intact your shoes’ shape but also removes any odour in them.

Step 2: Wrap it Up

Time for some newspapers again. Wrap the exterior of your shoes with some newspaper.


How it helps?
Wrapping your shoes with some newspaper protects them in case of outer damage.

Tip: Make sure you use a generous amount of newspaper here so even if your box/carton is big, your product remains intact in case of severe movement. (This way you save on another step of filling up the inside of the carton with bubble/foam paper)

Step 3: Box it Up

You can use old shoe boxes or any eCommerce parcel that you'd got on your last buy.

How it helps?
Doing this protects your shoes from any kind of outer damage.

Step 4: Seal it Up alt How it helps?
Read Step 5 in clothing

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Step 1: Separate the liquids from powders and brushes alt

How it helps?
Sorting the liquids from the powder and brushes, prevents your liquids from spillage or leakage. Properly seal the ends of the liquids with cello tape. (Imagine that expensive gloss dripping out in vain just to beautify the carton!sob)
Put a slice of cotton on all the powder-based cosmetics-eyeshadows, compacts, blushes, highlighters, concealers. (You don’t want the makeup cake to break!)

Step 2: Wrap it Up

Use Bubble Tape for the glass-based cosmetics. For the plastic-based ones, brown paper or newspapers would do just fine!

How it helps?
Bubble wrapping your glass-based prevents them from breakage.

Step 3 & 4: Same as clothing.

Go the extra mile!

  • Add a personal touch: It’s just like sending a gift to your loved ones!
  • Add some cute notes: In the era of digital communication, the practice of writing handwritten notes has somehow gotten lost. Try writing something on sticky notes and your receiver is surely to love it!
  • Tell them why was it special to you?
  • Make it attractive: Use colours, paints and tasteful decor-ribbons, colourful strings, wool, etc.
  • Give your expert advice: Tips on how the receiver could pair up your product.

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Before sending your product out, ask these questions to yourself. Once you’ve answered a yes to all, your product is good to go!
1. Would want to receive the package?
2. Will your package ensure the products to reach the buyer in good condition?
3. Whether the buyer will be happy to receive this?