Elanic Seller Stories: Rakhi Goel

Rakhi Goel is from Delhi and a homemaker. She believes in recycling by selling her items on Elanic, buying from the earings and selling again!
Here’s her story:

Q. What’s your profession?

A. I’m a homemaker

Q. What are your hobbies?

A. I like taking photographs and travelling to new places.

Q. What do you do with the money you make on Elanic?

A. I buy new things for myself and after using them a few times I resell them on elanic again.


Q. How would you describe your style?

A. I would describe it as simple and sophisticated.

Q. Fav thing about the app?

A. I get to sell my clothes and earn

Q. Favourite sale?

A. Charles and Keith handbag alt Q. Favourite purchase?

A. Earrings

Q. 3 things in your wardrobe that you cannot live without

A. Bags, Footwear, Ethnic wear

Q. Most memorable experience/encounter on the app?

A. I’ve made a lot of friends on the app and they’ve started buying from me regularly. One of them has become a good friend and only buys from me now.

Q. Tips for selling faster for other users

A. The pictures should be of good quality and the product details must always be correctly mentioned. Also always give true information to the customers.

Q. Selling experience on Elanic

A. My selling experience on Elanic has been amazing as now I’ve a lot of regular customers buying from me.