7 childhood memories of Dussehra

Festivals have always been everyone's favourite. We all remember how excited we were for Dussehra when we were kids. With time and all of us busy with our work, we have forgotten how exciting Dussehra is.

Here are 7 childhood memories to bring back the old Dusshera feeling in us:

1. Raam Leela

If we know the story of Ramayan it's cuz of the Raam Leela we saw back them. From Hanumaan flying with the mountain to Ram killing Raavan, these plays have been a major part of our childhood.


2. Raavan laughing

Everyone remembers Ravaan's laugh. The curious faces as we waited for Raavan in the plays and his arrival announced by his loud laugh "HAHAHAHHAA".

alt 3. Mela

Spending hours at the mela trying to shoot the balloons, eating golas and cotton candy, riding the Giant Wheel and buying toys. Be a kid was never this fun!

4.Grandparents telling stories

Remember the time your grandparents sat and told you the story of good over evil and the reason being killing Raavan

5. Going to puja pandals

Dussehra meant going to pandals for Durga Maa's darshan and eating lots of sweets! Also, every pandal had a different decoration.

6. Vaanar Sena at school The excitement of being a part of the plays in the school functions and especially being one of the Vaanar Sena and performing it in front of your school and parents.

  1. Burning Raavan
    Last but not the least, how can we forget the burning of Raavan and celebrating the triumph of good over evil.