4 quick ways to revamp your wardrobe!

Buying isn't the only option to own the latest fashion!

Here are a few very easy DIY which will give you a stylish wardrobe without spending a bomb.

Spray Paint T-shirt.

Take any plain t-shirt which you have and give it a new look by adding stripes to it.


You will need-
Fabric Spray Paint.

Stick strips of tape on your shirt horizontally/vertically with equal small gaps in between and simply spray the paint.Let the paint dry and peel off the tape strips.

Embellished Skirts.

Adding embellishments and layers to any clothing makes it look designer wear.Restore your old skirt by adding lace and fabric cuttings.

You will need-
Plain skirt.
Needle and Thread.

Cut up the lace/fabric into different sizes and shapes, assemble the patches on the skirt.Once you are happy with the design, stitch those pieces onto your skirt.
Voila, you have a new skirt for a party.

Stylish Pumps.

Bored of wearing the same old pumps? Style them up with beads, jewels or glittery patches.

You will need-
Pair of Pumps/heels.
Fabric patch.

One can add style to just about any pair of pumps, shoes or heels.The options of making them look jazzy are many.
You can stick jewels along the heels or on top.Or add a glittery fabric patch and make it all shiny.

Tassel Jeans

Tassels right now are in trend.From earrings, necklace to dresses, one can see colourful cute little hangings used in all types of fashion.

How about adding them to your jeans?

You will need-
Pair of jeans.
Ready-made tassels (available online).
Fabric Patch (Optional).
Needle and thread.

Pick out your favourite colour tassels and stitch them onto the bottom hem of your jeans.It's that simple.
To make it more trendy, choose a fabric which can be stitched onto the jeans with the tassels.