How to avoid order failures?

We at Elanic, strive very hard to deliver the products on time and delight our customers. Some common mistakes by sellers cause order failures and increase returns. We strongly recommend the following steps to avoid order failures and returns. Please go through them carefully.

Adding Variants:

Our data shows that many products get returned because of size or colour mismatch. You can avoid this by mentioning the size and color in variants. For more information, please check our variants post.

Enable/Disable Closet:

You can disable your closet if you are on a vacation and can enable it the same way once you are back in business. For more information, please check our closet blog.

Procure the product within 2 days:

If you are a reseller and do not hold inventory, please make sure to post products which you can procure within two days. If the pickup is not scheduled within 3 days of the order being placed, the order gets cancelled automatically.

We can pickup from the wholesaler if they are ready to pack the product:

If you are a reseller and do not hold inventory and cannot procure the product in two days, we can pickup the product from your wholesaler or manufacturer. He/she must pack the product, paste the shipping label and keep the product ready.